Voodoo Merch

Voodoo Merch Lyrics

Candlelight makes me wonder why I’m so far away. No longer do I have a purpose in life, and there is no longer a reason to continue feeling so cold. Breathe in, for I’m returning. No, it’s not me who’s so far away. As the snake bite entered my veins, I never wanted to return here, and I can’t recall why I came. Hazing clouds rained on my head, filling my ears with empty thoughts, and I found shelter under the moonlight, wondering why my thinking I’m not so clearly dreaming of demons as I’m returning, so take a deep breath. I’m not the one who is so far away, voodoo

Voodoo Merch

Voodoo History

Sully Erna, the band’s lead singer, and Robbie Merrill, the bassist, wrote “Voodoo,” the band’s most well-known song. Wicca is a religion practiced by Sully, and this song clearly shows its influence. In tribal festivities, several percussion instruments are employed.

Sully took the chance to clarify some misconceptions about his religion. According to him, one of the most widespread misconceptions regarding witchcraft is that too many people believe it to be Satanic. “You cannot worship an entity that does not exist because Wicca does not believe in demons or devils. It simply refers to the notion that natural herbs, medicinal cures, and the Earth are all connected. many spiritual beliefs, such as those involving karma. Therefore, it’s fairly pure in terms of religion. It’s mostly risk-free.”

After seeing the Voodoo and witchcraft-themed movie The Serpent and the Rainbow, Sully made the decision to write this song. Many people think the song is about heroin addiction and drugs in general (“The snakebite enters my veins”). The 1988 Wes Craven thriller, in which an anthropologist (Bill Pullman) visits Haiti amid rumors that black-magic practitioners are transforming residents into zombies, served as another source of inspiration for the music video.

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