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Voodoo is the first track on The Crow: Night Avenger Soundtrack movie it is played by Godsmack Voodoo is the first track on The Crow: Night Avenger Soundtrack Movie it is played by Godsmack. Buy Voodoo Merch Here!

Voodoo Merch

About Voodoo Merch

Alexandre Yazdi and Laurent Ritter established Voodoo in 2013. In 2012, they established Studio Cadet, a firm that provided services for websites and mobile applications. They had been friends since high school. Gabriel Rivaud served as the vice president of games, while Yazdi took over as the company’s CEO.

 Rivaud claims that the business struggled for the first four years of operation before deciding to alter its business plan. The business created its more recent games with the use of player feedback from its earlier games. Every week or so, Voodoo tests a brand-new game using the Unity gaming engine. In 2016, Paper.io was successfully released as a result of this technique.

Voodoo Music video

Dean Karr, the director of the video, depicts witches using swords in a ritual. The entire video features the band performing in a cornfield. The rite also includes dancing, which is depicted by a naked gorgon. From a lake, zombies emerge and amble across the forest. Laurie Cabot and members of her coven at the time are shown on the video. The song’s original source of inspiration was the concept of zombies. Sully Erna, the singer for the band, revealed at the House of Blues that the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow served as inspiration.

Voodoo Merch

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